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Climatix Group offers a complete service covering every aspect of the installation of air conditioning and ventilation systems in Yorkshire, starting from their initial design and implementation and continuing with an after-care service and ongoing maintenance. This also includes helping organise and undertake the TM44 inspection.

TM44 is the part of the Government’s Energy Performance of Buildings Directive related to air conditioning and ventilation systems. The directive simply requires all air conditioning installations to be inspected once every five years to ensure they are energy efficient.

TM44 Inspections and Energy Assessors

The inspections must be carried out by an accredited energy assessor who will undertake a visual assessment of the air conditioning system as well as conduct a closer examination of the equipment and controls.

The assessor will then compile a report which will inform you of the current efficiency level of the air conditioning or ventilation equipment and also make suggestions as to how to improve its efficiency level. The assessor will also identify any faults or defects in the system and advise on the best course of action to take to remedy them.

Minimising Fees and Avoiding Fines

There is no legal requirement to heed the advice of the assessor, but their advice will only serve the purpose of helping you save money on your energy usage via the air conditioning system. You will need to pay for the assessment as well, although the fee will be significantly less than the £300 fine levied against those who do not have their systems inspected!

The fees also vary among the different energy assessors located around the country, so Climatix will ensure you pay only what is necessary for the TM44 inspection and the good energy efficiency advice it will produce.

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