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Service and Aftercare

Climatix Group are not just experts in the design and installation of commercial and industrial mechanical installations, but also masters of maintenance with an ongoing aftercare service. Working in both the public and private sectors everywhere across Yorkshire, our aim is to deliver the highest quality customer service that does not just end with the installation but continues throughout that installation’s lifetime.

We provide the same aftercare service to all our customers regardless of the size of their installation, whether it be a large corporation, a local organisation or a small start-up business. Climatix Group is dedicated to delivering a reliable and consistent quality outcome to all our customers.

Providing a Complete Service

We specialise in providing efficient and cost-effective solutions for both smaller and larger value projects in Leeds, York and all over Yorkshire, with our complete service covering every aspect of the installation. This begins at the initial design stage where we identify the most efficient and cost-effective solution for a customer’s needs. It then continues through the installation process and on into the future and any maintenance requirements the installed systems may need from time to time.

Climatix Group can also help arrange the likes of TM44 inspections for air conditioning and ventilation systems, which are energy efficiency evaluations which are legally required to be carried out every five years by an accredited energy assessor.

Ongoing Maintenance and Aftercare

There is nobody better to look after the ongoing maintenance requirements of a mechanical installation than the folks who installed it in the first place. Our expertise in the field and detailed knowledge of the systems means our aftercare service will continue to maximise the efficiency and performance of your mechanical installation for now and for the future.

For more information about any of our service and aftercare, please contact our professional and knowledgeable team on 08450 218208 or Alternatively, complete the form below and one of our team will call you back and run through your requirements and how Climatix Group can help.